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Discover the new line of car cosmetics

Discover the line of car cosmetics that will take care of your car with high efficiency. Our products are made of carefully selected ingredients and advanced recipes to offer the highest quality.

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From the very beginning we put the cooperation with our Distributors in the first place, supporting each other in their efforts to achieve success. We offer free, extensive marketing packages, supporting the sales process of Fresso products.

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Top quality


A unique fragrance composition, enclosed in a glass bottle of Fresso perfume, will impress with its expressive depth.

Unique quality

Perfumes for your car

Dose Fresso perfume as you like, the fragrance intensity depends on your preferences. At any time, you can refresh and enhance a subtle scent, which will fill your car again.

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Fragrance hidden in wood

Wooden pendants

An elegant, scented, wooden hanger with a brown, braided string is a sophisticated accessory that will perfectly match any car interior.

You will be positively surprised by the Fresso hanger, its unique form as well as a long-lasting and brilliantly composed fragrance.

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    Polish company, Polish capital

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    Nowadays, the market places more and more demands on manufacturers, and the key issue is the high quality of products offered.
    Many customers were looking for unique, exclusive air fresheners and car cosmetics, and we decided to respond to this demand.

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