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Fragrance is one of nature’s fascinating mysteries. We cannot see or touch it, yet it has a great influence on our emotions and mood. It is connected with memories and brings to life old events.

For a lifetime, we remember the scent of roses we gave to a dear person, or the perfume we used when going on a first date. A fascinating and rich scent is associated with success, success and pleasure. Fresso gives you the opportunity to enjoy luxury every day.

Magnetic Style

Plum-rose jam in an elegant, sophisticated form. This is a fanciful and intriguing combination of sour notes of bergamot and plum fruit softened with fresh floral accents.


An aromatic blend of vibrating spice and herbal notes in the form of aristocratic, relaxing lavender, watercress and exotic woody notes.

Sugar Love

A sweet combination of exotic sandalwood with notes of vanilla and almond. The whole is enriched with a fruity – floral accent in the form of a pear, orange flower spiced with a sharp note of pink pepper. A delicate blend of amber and sweet rose gives elegance and warmth.



Their elegance and splendor will meet the expectations of even the most demanding connoisseur

Exceptional perfume

Perfumein the form of an atomizer

Dose Fresso perfume as you like, the fragrance intensity depends on your preferences. At any time, you can refresh and enhance a subtle scent, which will fill your car again.

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Snow Pearl

An essential combination of citrus in the company of silky jasmine and ylang ylang flower, creates a light, enveloping composition, which is subtly emphasized and strengthened by wood notes with an admixture of vanilla

Dark Delight

A bouquet of rose and magnolia wrapped in caramel sweetness, enriched with warm wood notes with the addition of amber, make the fragrance light, airy and at the same time intense and dry.

Paradise Spark

Let’s wrap yourself in this fragrance with green and fruity smells of the nature. This garden opens with a sparkling citrusy mist with notes of lemon and bergamot that sprinkles a spring greenery with notes of cut grass and crunchy apple.

Fragrance hidden in wood

Unique style

An elegant, scented, wooden hanger with a brown, braided string is a sophisticated accessory that will perfectly match any car interior.

Pure Passion

The delicious cocktail opens with vibrating mandarin, delicately sprinkled with the juiciness of lime peel. It’s soothed by fruity notes of peach and fresh apple. Sensual flowers forming the heart of the fragrance beat to the rhythm of rose, ylang-ylang and violet.

Signature Man

Highlighting the masculine strength and physical attributes of a self-aware man. It is remarkably long-lasting, which gives you energy on challenging days. Wstępem do jego historii jest musująca bergamotka, cytryna i korzenna świeżość pieprzu połączona z niezwykle aromatycznym kardamonem.

Rozbudzone zmysły wędrują ścieżką delikatnych kwiatów- jaśminu, róży i białej konwalii. Wyraz jego siły i zdecydowanego charakteru przebija się przez mieszankę mchu dębowego, drzewa cedrowego i sandałowego. Zwieńczeniem jest delikatny zapach brazylijskiego drzewa różanego, piżma i wetywerii.

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Fresso offers you the most beautiful perfume compositions.

Their elegance and splendor will meet the expectations of even the most demanding connoisseur

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