Perfect Harmony

Fresso Home is a collection of three multifaceted fragrances for interiors in the form of timeless and unique stick diffusers.

What are our diffusers

Reed diffuser with the FlowScent™️ formula designed for connoisseurs who appreciate sublime and complex fragrance compositions in interiors.

The modern and raw design of the bottle will complement any space, even the most sophisticated one. Thanks to the high concentration of fragrance oils, the scent lasts up to 8 weeks.

Fresso FlowScent™️ formulation

delivers stable fragrance without the need to rotate the sticks. his allows the oils to diffuse to the last drop, while being free of flammable alcohols.

Fresso FlowScent™️ provides increased resilience to changes in humidity and room temperatures, resulting in no sudden changes in fragrance intensity. Simply place the sticks in the diffuser and enjoy the wonderful fragrance!

Intense fragrance

Constant and intense fragrance that lasts up to 8 weeks


Multidimensional perfumery fragrances


No need to rotate the sticks, thanks to the unique formula


Modern and chic design of the flacon, complemented by black sticks


No flammable alcohol in the formulation


Available additions to your favorite fragrances

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Explore our fragrances

Orange blossom and the warmth of vanilla resonate with the spicy tones of iris and tonka, filling the space with a subtle breath of solace. AMORA, a truly oriental sweetness.

Top notes

Bergamot, Black currant, Pink pepper

Heart notes

Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Iris

Base notes

Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean, Musk

Molise is a moving interplay of juicy peaches with the splendor of a rose garden. The scent is wrapped in the sweetness of vanilla and ends with a floral note; jasmine and violet.

Top notes

Bergamot, Orange, Peach

Heart notes

Rose, Jasmine, Violet

Base notes

Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

The scent of Italian espresso, enriched with the sweetness of coconut and the aroma of ripe plum.

Top notes

Black Coffee, Coconut, Plum,

Heart notes

Jasmine, Patchouli leaves

Base notes

Cotton candy, vanilla pods

We brought nature to the interiors

The design of our diffuser draws from the authenticity of nature. Glass bottles reproduce the structure of raw stone, which is broken by the warmth of natural wood.

The whole is completed with black fiberglass sticks, giving the space unique scents. Complete your interior with a timeless and unique form of aroma diffuser and feel the chic, relaxing atmosphere in your home again with all your senses.


Our diffuser allows you to adjust the intensity of the scent so that it is released exactly the way you like. If you want a strong aroma, just use more sticks.

On the other hand, an overly intense scent can be counteracted by removing individual sticks from the diffuser until the desired effect is achieved.

Stop the smell

Too intense a scent can be eliminated by removing individual sticks from the diffuser until the desired effect is achieved.


If you want to enjoy the scent of perfume for a long time, place the diffuser as far as possible from windows, doors and ventilation grilles.


You will get the best results by setting up the diffuser in a central place on an space of about 10-15m2.


The fragrance of the Fresso diffuser lasts up to 8 weeks.
To make the fragrance last as long as possible, use the product as directed.

Yes. The Fresso fragrance diffuser comes in 3 different scents to choose from; Amora, Molise and Cadence.

There is no need to rotate the sticks. Fresso fragrance diffusers use an innovative FlowScent™️ formulation that imparts a stable projection, throughout the evaporation of the oils.

The Fresso fragrance diffuser allows you to adjust the intensity of the fragrance. If the aroma is too intense, we recommend removing the sticks until the desired effect is achieved.

Yes. The Fresso fragrance diffuser can be used in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. The product is safe to use because it does not contain flammable alcohols in the formulation.

Yes. We offer a dedicated set, which consists of a 100 ml fragrance refill and 6 sticks. The kit is available for all fragrances

Refills available

Thanks to the available Refill Kits, you can refill the diffuser with new sticks.

Enjoy your favorite scent again without the need to buy a new diffuser

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