Smell is one of the fascinating mysteries of nature. We can’t see it or touch it, but it has a great impact on our emotions and well-being. It brings back memories and revives the past.

We will always remember the scent of roses, which we gave to the person we hold dear, or the perfume we used when going on the first date. A fascinating and rich fragrance is associated with success and pleasure. Fresso gives you the opportunity to enjoy luxury every day.



Plum-rose jam in an elegant, sophisticated form. This is a fanciful and intriguing combination of sour notes of bergamot and plum fruit softened with fresh floral accents.

The sweet, subtle composition of vanilla and musk adds an enfolding, sensual character.


An aromatic blend of vibrating spice and herbal notes in the form of aristocratic, relaxing lavender, watercress and exotic woody notes.

Sweet vanilla and warm patchouli make this strong composition pleasantly enfolding like the touch of a cashmere suit.


A sweet combination of exotic sandalwood with notes of vanilla and almond. The whole enriched with a fruity floral accent in the form of a pear, an orange flower flavored with a hint of spicy pink pepper.
A delicate mixture of amber and a sweet rose adds elegance and warmth.



Forget the flat and unnatural fragrances. The compositions we offer consist of several layers and many notes, just like in classic perfumes.

You will quickly learn about their beauty and uniqueness, and you will be surprised by their exceptional durability and efficiency. You will enjoy them for a very long time! Every day you can surround yourself with a fragrance that emits positive energy.



A strong combination of citrus fruit in the company of a silky jasmine and ylang ylang flower, creates a light, enfolding composition that is subtly emphasized and strengthened by woody notes and a touch of vanilla.


A bouquet of rose and magnolia wrapped in caramel sweetness enriched with warm woody notes and the addition of amber make the fragrance light, airy and at the same time intense and sophisticated.


Let’s wrap yourself in this fragrance with green and fruity smells of the nature. This garden opens with a sparkling citrusy mist with notes of lemon and bergamot that sprinkles a spring greenery with notes of cut grass and crunchy apple.

The velvety softness of the lily of the valley is becoming more and more evident with an ethereal freshness before melting into a warm and comfortable bed of amber and oakmoss.


The delicious cocktail opens with vibrating mandarin, delicately sprinkled with the juiciness of lime peel. It’s soothed by fruity notes of peach and fresh apple. Sensual flowers forming the heart of the fragrance beat to the rhythm of rose, ylang-ylang and violet.

The warmth and depth of the fragrance comes from the harmonious combination of oakmoss with amber and sweet vanilla.

Fresso offers you the most beautiful, perfumery compositions. Their elegance and glamor will meet the expectations of even the most demanding connoisseur.