3..2..1 FRESSO

Currently, the market is placing more and more requirements on manufacturers, the high quality of the offered products becomes the key issue.
Many customers were looking for exceptional, up-market air fresheners and we decided to meet this demand.

That's how Fresso was established. With pride and satisfaction, we can present you our air fresheners, much different from those available on the market. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us.



We use only tested ingredients that meet the strict IFRA standards. We employ the best specialists who comply with the highest standards at every stage of the creation of our fresheners.

We have performed research on over a thousand scent compositions. We chose only those that were surprising, long-lasting and selected in consumer surveys.



Our products are distinguished by an elegant design as well as a unique scent that is constant, durable and does not tire, even after many hours of use.


We adapt to the current situation. We want to actively follow the newly emerging preferences and needs. We focus on dynamic development and persistently strive to achieve precisely defined goals.

Today we can say that in the end we created luxurious fragrances, which our clients have been waiting for. We hope that we will accompany you in both every day and extraordinary moments and make them more pleasurable!



All our fragrances are created in Poland!